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Each one of us strives for SUCCESS! Each one of us seeks HAPPINESS in life!

You’ve landed to our website, mostly because even you are looking for ways to live a healthy, happy and successful life! So, welcome to our world of transforming lives and making lives beautiful!

Founded in 2011, by the International Success Coach and Mind Power Expert, Mr. Sunil Parekh, Rise Development Academy strives to help you achieve your goals, big and small! May it be curing a health issue, getting a better job, coming out of depression, buying a posh car or a house or a bungalow, multiplying your income, doubling your free time, becoming a celebrity, losing or gaining weight, increasing your confidence level, bettering your sales, taking your company to greater heights, building happy and fulfilling relationships, making millions of dollars, healing yourself and living a healthy life, or even becoming a motivational speaker – we help you realize your true inner potential which will empower you to achieve everything you want or want to do in your life!

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Sunil Parekh

Sunil Parekh,( Founder & CEO )

International Success Coach and Mind expert

Sunil Parekh is an IITian who is now known for transforming the lives of thousands. Known for his unique formulas and methodologies of living a life always dreamed of, he is India’s leading Success Coach, and an international Human Potential and Subconscious Mind Expert.

A pure corporate human for about 24 years, he then chose to give up his corporate career to follow his passion of making a difference to people’s lives. Along with his better half, Mrs. Jasmine Parekh, he founded the Rise Development Academy Pvt. Ltd. with a vision of inspiring, motivating and empowering people to live happier, healthier and successful lives.

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06 Dec 2021

Chakra Healing workshop- Dec' 2021 Batch 4

  • 06:30 AM-08:00 AM

  • 06 Dec to 10 Dec 2021

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  • Dear Sunil sir & Jasmine ma’am, I would like to share my small experience & feedback for Chakra healing workshop. As a fresher to the subject, it is my experience throughout the entire seven-day session that it was a very informative. Few key points which I really loved about the session are as below: All mudras were showed & explained in a detailed manner. •Meditation recording used in each session were with a very soothing voice & effective, as after each meditation I experienced some movements at each Chakra location. I felt very calm & relaxed after each meditation. It is a very important subject & everyone should know about this. I am surely going to refer my family members & friends to this workshop. Sunil sir, please accept my deep gratitude for suggesting me to attend this session. I also must make a mention that you & ma’am do everything from your heart & so it reaches to our heart.

    Kirti Gawde- Life Transformation Coach & Professional

  • Good afternoon Sunil Sir and Jasmine Madam, First of all I want to thank you both for conducting these sessions on psychoneurobics. Initially I was curious about approach of these chakra centers to healing and its theory and was a bit doubtful about its impact on health systems. After the session, my meditation and my focus and awareness of light has really expanded and I could feel its presence in ordinary moments. I had a stiff neck problem and joint ache due to recent viral fever. I could sense that these exercises have enabled me to get at least 60% better, during last week. I am really thankful to you Sunil Sir and Jasmine Madam for conducting the sessions and giving information so generously. I wish Rise team success to make knowledge available to more and more people to empower them to heal through their own innate power. God bless you.

    Sunil Bahirat - Transformation Coach, Trainer and CEO, Ashtang Skill Center, Ayurved Shikshan Mandal, Pune

  • Hi Rise Team, Sunil Sir and Jasmine Ma’am, Thank you for the sessions on Chakra Healing. Last one week was like a rejuvenation trip to the mind, body and soul. Sitting in the comforts of our homes, you made us feel the Divinity & connectivity with the Supreme Force. The program was easy to understand and practise. The concepts were explained very well. I had a wonderful experience throughout. I would like to attend more of such sessions in future. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us and allowing us to rebuild our lives. My Gratitude to Sunil Sir, Jasmine Mam & entire Rise Team. Warm Regards,

    Dr. Rajani