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Hello Sir, I am Rajani Nair. I attended the workshop on 30 May 2015. I had chronic problem of acid reflux, bloating and heartburn for one year. After attending the workshop all these problems have completely cured my problems. I can't believe it myself. Wow! Thank you Sunil Sir and Jasmine Ma'am for coming into our lives like angels and guiding us and teaching us the value of positivity. God bless.

Rajani Nair, Educator

Dear Sir, I am really very very very thankful to you for enlightening me with so much of knowledge and making me realize the immense power inside me. I am feeling high with positive thoughts and energy. I wish to thank you and ma'am whole heartedly and wishing you all the very best for your vision. I am sure you are going to change many more lives here. A happy soul :)

Gaurav Lagad, Student

My grandson, Labhesh secured merit certificate in Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Competition 2015-16. You may be remembering that he had attended your Super Student Workshop and had set a goal of becoming a Scientist, which he is well on the way. With regards

Mr. B. A. Naik

Sir, its been 30 months since I attended my first mind power workshop in Aug 2013. After the workshop, I started my own business in July 2014 and completed 20 months till date successfully. I also won 3 state level chess championships consecutively and also got international chess rating. My younger brother who has also attended the workshop also won national level silver and bronze medal in karate Championship in Feb 2016. I don't belong to a business family yet I started my own business only because of my strength realized at your mind power workshop. It gave me immense power to believe my strength. Always grateful to you..

Rajan Kotian, Businessman, Chess Champion

Sir thank you so much...the Mind Power Workshop has worked miracles for me...In the last week my business and work grew so massively...It was so amazing...Just about learning how to manage all the work and enjoying every bit of it...Thank you for this amazing workshop.

Joanne Fernandis, Corporate Professional

Dear Sunil Sir - I am very pleased to share my success story. I had diabetes until December 2015. It was 180+/250+ before/after food and in the same range for the past 6 months. Since January 2016, I have been following the Mind Conditioning Program as taught by you and I am really surprised and so happy that today my readings are 100/133 which are very much in the normal range. And this is only after following a few techniques you have taught. I wonder what can happen if I follow all the steps. Thank you for your valuable guidance and teachings..

Vijay Verma

When I attended the workshop I had set a goal of driving my own car in Dubai. I did not even have a license in UAE at that time. I got a valid license and on Christmas, we bought the car of my dreams - An SUV - GMC terrain. It is all thanks to almighty and the learnings and guidance from Sunil Sir and Jasmine Ma'am. I am sooo thankful for all your help. Feeling soo blessed.

Shefali Kamra, Dubai

Dear Sunil Sir - I would like to share how the Mind Power Workshop changed my life. We had a major problem in our factory due to a fire breakout. Everything was destroyed. The promoters were unwilling to continue the factory after incurring such a huge loss. However, I started practicing and believing that things would work out and to god's grace, we found an investor who is willing to invest the necessary funds to revive the factory. I am not sure what would have happened if this workshop would not have come into my life at the right time. Am thankful from my heart for the learnings from the workshop and I know that I can now achieve anything. Thank you, Dr. Kamlesh.

Dr. Kamlesh Ranbhan, CEO, Pacific Organics Ltd.

Dear Sunil Sir and Jasmine Ma'am - I would like to express my sincere gratitude for making such a huge difference to my life. Not only am I feeling calm and peaceful when I do my work but I also lost 5 kgs in the first month. Above all, I manifested the life partner of my dreams. Thank you Sir and Ma'am for this wonderful workshop.

Dr. Dinesh Yadav, Medical Doctor

Dear Sunil Sir - I am so pleased to inform you that after attending the Mind Power Workshop, I started attracting opportunities which I could never think of. I always had a dream of doing some projects in Africa and this dream got fulfilled. Suddenly, some of my father's friends who live in Tanzania contacted us and said that they would like us to take up a massive Software development project for the Govt. of Tanzania. I never understood Software but once this opportunity came up, things started falling into place. I visited Tanzania thrice and now the deal is well on its way to execution. Thank you so much for opening up my mind to such wonderful opportunities. The workshop has also benefited personally as I now share wonderful relationships with everyone around me. Thank you once again.

Priyank Marda, Business Man