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I had a phobia of traveling by air which was creating a major roadblock in taking up business opportunities abroad. After attending Sunil Parekh's Mind Power Unlimited Workshop, my Phobia was completely gone and today I have been able to increase my business significantly due to the increase in opportunities and also being able to fly abroad. Not only that but today I am also able to take vacations abroad. I strongly recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to achieve success in all areas of their life, be it health, wealth or relationships.

Anjali Dalvi, CEO, Exponential Growth

I write this to express my deep appreciation for the wonderful content and delivery of the entire workshop. There was much more in it than I expected and it has left an indelible impact in my mind. I was always looking for an impetus to propel me into the last lap, leading up to the finishing stretch of my life. I BELIEVED there was something left in me to aspire for one last surge in life that would enable me to finish strong BUT I didn't know how and when that would come. Now I know. It came in the form of a messiah called SUNIL PAREKH. I sincerely hope that I am able to sustain the wonderful 'RISE' that I feel TODAY in my enthusiasm and I hope that I am able to implement if not all, then at least most of what you have shared with us. I also hope that you will help me further, to excel, reach my full potential and leave behind a mark. You are doing a wonderful job, I just wish that you can reach out to more people specially youngsters who can inculcate the great values you have to offer that will help them lead a more qualitative life. Towards that end, I will definitely endeavour.

Shariar Karim, ex-Air India

"My association with Rise Development Academy, Mr. Sunil Parekh- Managing Director & CEO, started in June 2012 as a participant in with the workshop held at Suba International, Andheri. Over a period of 2 months I have grown by leaps and bounds and today I have so many beautiful positive thoughts that are shaping and fine tuning my mind. It has been a very unique experience to bring about a change in perception of my own thoughts in understanding that having control over subconscious mind and making ourselves understand the power of our Mind is the key towards successful future. Rise Academy is probably one of the best Academy across the world which brings about a change in one’s life by focusing on “Mind Power”. The workshop also teaches us the Self healing process.The constant support by Mr. Sunil Parekh ensures that each individual participant creates and delivers to the best of his/her potential in their own life. Mr. Parekh and team ensures that we get support in all aspects such as training, follow up sessions to enable us to take action and deliver efficiently. I have a tremendous sense of satisfaction after participating in the Workshop conducted by Mr. Sunil Parekh which has also reflected in my life in many ways.I am very grateful to Mr. Sunil Parekh in helping me to transform my life." “Trust me, you'll not get anything better than this, you can create miracles in your own life and others as well”.

Smruti Nayak, Lawyer, Mumbai

Ever since my brother and I attended the Mind Power Workshop, our life has changed completely. Now our life has become so exciting and amazing to live in. We both are enjoying each part of it completely. Thanks a lot to Sunil sir for learnings given by you in the workshop.

Sarvesha Sodha, Engineering Student, Mumbai