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Mr. Sunil Parekh's workshop has completely transformed by life. I have found a new purpose for my business which has helped grow and expand my business exponentially. My Industry slowed down by 20% last year but my business increased by 26%. I don't believe there is anything like recession. If I continue to add my highest value, my business will keep growing. This is what I have learnt in the workshop and it really works. My relationships have gone through a sea change and I have become unstoppable in the true sense. I liked the workshop so much that I attended it three times and every time I got something new out of it. I have also been recommending the workshop to all the people around me - my family, my employees, my clients, etc. Highly recommended and life transforming.

Jitendra Kamra, Businessman

The workshop changed my life completely. Earlier I used to be lethargic and there was no specific plan in my life. My life was just drifting meaninglessly. After the workshop, I found purpose and meaning in my life, have a clear vision of where I want to be, have become focused with excellent time management skills. I am also attracting new business opportunities which earlier seemed very difficult. My relationships have significantly improved and I am feeling at peace.

Jaljeet Ajani, Director of an Animation Studio

I had a phobia of water and was unable to swim. This was because of an incident that happened in my life when I was 7 years old. After a short exercise that Mr. Parekh took me through in the workshop, I started swimming ... I love it... Thanks to Rise and Mr. Sunil Parekh. On all other fronts, my confidence has been significantly boosted. Highly recommended...

Bashir Kasim, Professional

After attending the Mind Power workshop, I am able to control my emotions and deal with day to day challenges. I keep creating small miracles now and then. One of the best things that has happened is that I find that whatever I study comes in my exams...an unbelievable miracle.

Mashumi Sankhe, Student of XII Standard

After attending the workshop, I suddenly started receiving new business opportunities. I also received a call from a client who had stopped doing business with me almost 3 years back. Once I started working on myself, miracles started happening in my life. Thanks to the wonderful workshop conducted by Mr. Sunil Parekh that I became aware of the simple principles of life. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to live a successful and happy life.

Sanur Shenoy, Businessmen

We conducted a workshop for all my employees. After the workshop, I see a significant change in their attitude. This has been possible because Mr. Parekh taught them several tools to deal with day to day situations which result in stress. Once they were able to control stress and negative thoughts/emotions, they were able to take charge of their life.

Vipin Sawhney, CEO, Mindsys Software (India)

The workshop has changed by life completely. From a person who was stressed out with the corporate world and with a life without a defined purpose, today I am living a much more happier, fulfilled life and I am achieving much more at my work. My relationships at all levels at work and home are excellent. I am at complete peace with myself.

S. Varadarajan, Senior Director of a leading pharma company

The workshop helped me quit smoking after 18 years and take my life to a new level altogether.

Pratik Jadhav, Computer Graphics Artist, Prana Animation Studios

....Inspiring, Motivational and Life Transforming. Using Mr. Parekh's simple principles of living a happy life, I hope to reduce the divorce rates amongst Indian couples.

Mrs. Deepali Lohot, Marriage Counsellor, Family Court, Mumbai

A revelation for successful and effective living. Sunil Parekh's workshop teaches simple techniques that business leaders can apply for achieving any goals by breaking through any disempowering beliefs that they may have. Helped me immensely.

Sunil Brid, Business Leader, Large IT MNC