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Before the workshop, I used to be quite lazy and used to weigh 90 kgs. After attending the Mind Power Unlimited Workshop by Sunil Sir, I was inspired to reduce my weight. I applied all the principles taught in the workshop and lost 18 kgs in 6 months. Today, my life is completely different. I am positive, active and living a much more happier and healthier life. I would strongly recommend everyone to attend this workshop and make their lives better.

Archana Kapadia, Teacher, Aurangabad

In just one and a half weeks after attending the Millionaire Mind Workshop, my group opened up two new markets - one in Dubai and second in Kuwait. We did approx. 1.3 crores worth of business over a 45 day period. Mind Power really works! Having a positive mental attitude is so important in our business and this workshop makes us develop this Millionaire Mindset.

Vinod Yadav, Businessman, e-Commerce

Respected Sir, Thank you very much for helping me get rid of my addiction of chocolates. I used to eat 10 to 15 chocolates every day for the past five years. I just could not control myself. Even the day on which I had to get one of my tooth removed, I went to the chocolate shop and bought more chocolates. After the 15 minute process that you did in the workshop, I became aware of why I was having the addiction and then I was able to let go of the addition. Today it's almost like a miracle that I hardly eat any chocolates. Sunil Sir, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for setting me free from this habit, which was affecting me so much.

Jigisha Chaudhari, Housewife @ Surat

Thank you Suni Sir, Thank you Jasmine mam. You both are Angels in my life. I am changing everyday and moving towards becoming a better and a positive person and a positive human being. Money now seems to be coming to me easily and effortlessly. I find myself to be at peace with myself now.

Geeta Chugh

Good Morning all. I have a good news to share with u all. My daughter Vinita had done this super student workshop. She had set a goal to go for the World Scholar's Cup Contest. After the Workshop, she got selected in the first round which was held in Mumbai. Thus she qualified for the global round, which is happening in Singapore. With all the motivation and guidance from Sunil Sir, she is now going to Singapore. Thank you so much Sir for your guidance.

Vibha Mehta

I AM RAJESH NAIR, within 12 days my life changed dramatically, success coming one by one in my life, to know what i achieved you all must know me first, I was born in Kerala, I came here years back, no contact, no language knowing, struggling lot got job n four star hotel, around 7 years back I started business with MNC named. I was doing good but i couldn't achieve that success like other people, because all my bad experience in life pulling me down, lot of negativity, attitude problem with my clients and partners and many things. I was not clear about anything. After the two day training change my life, today my business growing very fast which way i wanted, am happy with everyone around me, last month my business growth around 50%. And my big achievement after this program, I got a customer named MR. KUMARAMANGALAM BIRLA. God, I can’t believe now also, I went his bungalow and delivered products personally, its my greatest achievement till date, even today i don't know how they contacted me. It’s all happened because of LAW OF ATTRACTION. every day am enjoying one another success, My relationship with people improving, my confidence improved lot. I am the trainer in my co. I am traveling all INDIA and taking training for my company. I am doing better and better, ITS ALL BECAUSE OF SUNIL SIR, HIS TRAINING, GUIDANCE, AND DAILY FOLLOW UP GIVING ME LOT OF POSITIVITY, I CAN GO VERY LONG WAY WITH HIS GUIDANCE WHICH I WAS ALLWAYES WANTED, THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR, MY SINCERE THANKS TO JYOTSNA SHARMA, BECAUSE OF SHE I WHENT FOR THIS TRAINING. I am sure if i can do everyone can because i know what i was, thanks RISE FAMILY AND JASMINE MADAM, SEE YOU AT TOP OF SUCCESS.

Rajesh Nair, Businessman

Before the workshop, I used to get tired very soon. Within one week of attending the workshop, I have regained by energy and now I don't feel tired anymore. The workshop has been indeed life-transforming of me and my family. Good luck to you, Sunil Sir.

Hemangini Bhramachari, Housewife

Dear Sir - Your workshop made a lot of difference to my life. Just weeks after your workshop i got rid off Migraine which had trouble me badly for years . Next i got rid off from Lower backache which again gave me tough time.My relationship with my parents improved considerably.My attitude toward life is Positive and of course i advice my school students to be positive. I have shown them your Video clip that i downloaded from facebook .I really want that each one of them change their life for Good. Now I experience some miracles also like healing myself within fractions of second.I offer my prayers in Alpha State and feel very close to God. This way i meditate atleast 4 to 5 times a day.I wonder about the powers within and every time i remember you for you are the Man,a Teacher who has helped me to tap my powers within. I salute you with the core of my heart and pray to God for your success in your Noble Mission.Now i feel i should also help my students to tap this power so that it becomes a contribution to the society. I wish Your team to enlighten more and more hearts so that people live with peace and Harmony.God Almighty is with you ,so Go ahead with more pace and reach your Goal. Oceans of Thanks Altaf

Altaf Bhat, Srinagarri, Kashmir

Sunil Sir, first of all, let me thank you for transforming my life in all respecs. I am now in the USA, pursuing my dream. I have received huge appreciation from my boss, who is the Senior VP and also from his boss and another department director for my work and approach towards work. They have also passed on the appreciation to the onsite manager in India. As you know Sir, before the workshop, I used to work very hard but my work was never appreciated and I used to feel very frustrated. Today, my life is different. It's all your education. Thank you so much Sir for helping me and my family live a much more happier and successful life.

Karuna Rhapsody, Software Engineer

Dear Mr. Parekh - Let me thank you, sincerely and truly, for having conducted the workshop in such genuine, a manner. Thanks for making one realize that a whole new world, so replete with the power of compassion, hope and joy exists……within one’s self. May you succeed in your endeavour of spreading the good word to many more.

Aseem Dar, APL Logistics Limited