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About the Program program

Goal setting is a process that starts with careful consideration of what you want to achieve, and ends with a lot of hard work to actually do it. In between, there are some very well-defined steps that transcend the specifics of each goal. Knowing these steps will allow you to formulate goals that you can accomplish.

Who Should Attend Attend

EVERYONE! Whether you’re a homemaker, a businessman, a mother, a teacher, a sports person, a chef, a driver, a student, a speaker, a celebrity, or just a human – anybody and everybody above the age of 15 years can take this transforming workshop. If you want to discover your full potential, dream bigger than you ever have before, and ultimately achieve your most important goal, then this workshop can be your turning point.

What will you learn learn

In this workshop, Sunil Parekh, India's leading Success coach and Subconscious mind expert will help you understand: 1) Why Clarity of what you want in your life is very important - 2) How to become Clear of what you want ? 3) How to write a Vision statement for your life-? 4) The Art and Science of Goal setting- 5) How to create mind tools such as goal book, vision board for focus on your goals??- 6) How to make effective use of the mind tools to accelerate your Goal Achievement --???--??? At the end of the program: 1. You will be crystal clear of where you want to go in life- 2. You will have learnt the Art and Science for Setting and Achieving Goals faster than ever before- 3. You would have created your mind tools for success in all areas of life -

program Benefits Benefits

You feel really motivated and you set goals for yourself in personal and professional areas of your life. You feel driven, motivated, and pumped about achieving your goals! BUT, as you progress through the day life happens! Unexpected circumstances arise, deadlines creep up, and you gradually drift off your path of achieving goals and before you know it, you are stuck amidst managing various responsibilities and the uncertainties that come with it. A few days/ weeks pass by and you get this bout of energy and motivation again to create and achieve goals. And now you're stuck in this cycle.
Do you ever wonder why this happens? Let me help you shed some light on this situation.
Creating and setting goals for yourself is important to start the process, but following through with it is "necessary" to successfully complete the process. And a few things are inevitable in the process of goal setting and achievement, i.e. obstacles and uncertainty. And guess what, we were never taught to deal with the obstacles as much as we were taught to set goals.

Here are some principles to help you deal with the obstacles in your way of achieving your goals!
1. Review and Recalibrate - Don’t take the same approach towards achieving your goals after you face a setback in your goal achievement journey. Analyze what went wrong and recalibrate your approach after each setback.
2. Create SMART goals - Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Timebound. Your goals should pass the SMART test for you to successfully achieve your goals.
3. Be in a state of FLOW - The goals that you choose must ensure that you continue to stay in a state of flow. This happens when the goals you set, match your abilities. If the goal is too easy to achieve, you will become complacent. If it is too hard, you might lose motivation. But if it is challenging yet achievable, then you are in a state of flow. This ensures that you consistently achieve your goals and grow exponentially over a period of time.
Put this into practice and see the results for yourself! Good luck ??

What people say about the How To Set And Achieve Goals


I am Dr.Mahalaksshmi Dental Surgeon and Implantologist from Mumbai. I religiously follow these Goal Setting Sessions with Sunil Sir every year because it motivates me to plan my life for my Entire Year I would say 2021 is my Luckiest Year Ever because I have attended this session last year too and later Right people ,Circumstances and Events came into my life I manifested 1.My Dream Bungalow with Swimming pool ?? 2.My Clinic Expansi...

Dr. Mahalaksshmi (Dental Surgeon and Implantologist from Mumbai)

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