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About the Program program

Chakra Healing Workshop. In this 7 day program (1 hour per day) we will take you through a journey of understanding your energetic centers (chakras) and healing any imbalances therein. When the Chakras are balanced and healed, healing happens in all areas of your life!

Who Should Attend Attend

Who all can enroll? Anyone who wants to make their life balanced, include healthy habits and find inner happiness!

What will you learn learn

1. Interactive sessions on chakra healing. 2. Basic Balancing Techniques for each Chakra. 3. Sound meditation audio for each chakra. 4. Better understanding of chakras and yourself. 5. Positive shift in Energy! 6. Introduction to Chakras & their importance in well-being. 7. All chakra explained in details. 8.Heal and balance your chakras through powerful techniques like Psycho Neurobics, Frequency healing and Chakra Healing Meditations. 9.We will teach you simple tools to keep your Chakras balanced.

program Benefits Benefits

1. Release stuck energies which imbalance your Chakras

2. Work on negative emotions & actions related to chakras

3. Understand physical ailments related to chakras

4. Break bad habits & negative thought patterns

5. Create new healthy, happy lifestyle

6. Find the New You and Live the New You!

What people say about the Chakra Healing - Your Pathway to Holistic Wellness


Dear Sunil sir & Jasmine ma’am, I would like to share my small experience & feedback for Chakra healing workshop. As a fresher to the subject, it is my experience throughout the entire seven-day session that it was a very informative. Few key points which I really loved about the session are as below: All mudras were showed & explained in a detailed manner. •Meditation recording used in each session were with a very soothing voice & effective...

Kirti Gawde- Life Transformation Coach & Professional

Good afternoon Sunil Sir and Jasmine Madam, First of all I want to thank you both for conducting these sessions on psychoneurobics. Initially I was curious about approach of these chakra centers to healing and its theory and was a bit doubtful about its impact on health systems. After the session, my meditation and my focus and awareness of light has really expanded and I could feel its presence in ordinary moments. I had a stiff neck problem...

Sunil Bahirat - Transformation Coach, Trainer and CEO, Ashtang Skill Center, Ayurved Shikshan Mandal, Pune

Video Testimonials
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