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About the Program program

Tap Into The Potential You Were Born With You are capable of more than you know! Today’s always on era has overwhelmed students with a never-ending list of factors that influence them directly or indirectly. The days of playing hopscotch and marbles in the backyard, flipping pages through story books and sci-fi books are all long gone. Students are ageing rapidly, mentally (not otherwise). And all of this has affected every student’s performance. This 6 hours course bring some proven scientific methodologies to empower students by helping them to unleash their true potential and develop a sense of achievement in them. Along with the removal of past conditioning and limiting beliefs, this workshop will leave the student with an attitude that retains the right aspects of a super student and also leads them to a healthy, stress-free life.

Who Should Attend Attend

Every child or student who is willing to have a better future and is aged above 13 years, can take this workshop.

program Benefits Benefits

  • Get a thorough clarity of what the student wants to do in his/her life through goal setting.
  • Identify the true inner qualities and techniques to develop them
  • Learn mind techniques for solving the most complex issues
  • Boost your spiritual (self realisations) and emotional quotient (the ability to deal with all types of emotions)
  • Improve your performance in exams, sports and everything which you aspire for
  • Strengthen your focus and concentration
  • Sharpen your memory
  • Better your relationships with parents, siblings, friends, etc.
  • Boost your confidence
  • Become capable of dealing with peer pressure or any sort of addictions
  • Improved health and well-being
  • Take home the attitude of a super student

What people say about the Super Student Unlimited


Happy to announce that my son scored 94.88% in his Grade 10, ICSE board. My deepest gratitude to Rise, Sunil Sir and Jasmine mam for creating Super Student Unlimited! The tools play a very important role in manifesting the goals set! It’s not only his achievement but mine too as a coach. All my students also have come out with flying colours ????????????...

Reena Karia( Professional & Life Transformation Coach)

My name is Dhanishka mane and I study in the 9th grade at JBCN International School, Parel. I attended your 2 day workshop in June. Here's a little story of mine. I was always shy and nervous about speaking in public to a point where I would get scared to even make an order at a restaurant. I give singing exams and have a few live shows once or twice a year. I also give Trinity college exams for speech and drama and these always gave me major anx...

Dhanishka Mane (Student)

Video Testimonials
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