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I am Dr.Mahalaksshmi Dental Surgeon and Implantologist from Mumbai. I religiously follow these Goal Setting Sessions with Sunil Sir every year because it motivates me to plan my life for my Entire Year I would say 2021 is my Luckiest Year Ever because I have attended this session last year too and later Right people ,Circumstances and Events came into my life I manifested 1.My Dream Bungalow with Swimming pool ?? 2.My Clinic Expansion and Latest Technologies?? 3.Happiest Health Wealth and Prosperity ??????? 4.My Relationship with my husband,son and friends relatives all my patients is extremely Fruitful 5.Started having Financial Freedom Account and Passive Income Strategies?? 6.My Dream Vacation to ???? Maldives with family ( but this was in 2020) 7.Taking care of my Parents ,In-laws and Staff and Started Doing Charity And above all ….have grown a lot as a human being. Thank you soooo much Sunil Sir and Mam for adding purpose to my life and ???????????? Koti Koti Pranaam Thank you for teaching to Live and Love life to my Fullest potential Thank you Happy Manifesting ??????????

Dr. Mahalaksshmi (Dental Surgeon and Implantologist from Mumbai)