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Dear Sunil sir and Jasmine madam, At the very outset I extend my heartfelt gratitude for imparting such a priceless knowledge in last 7 days of the workshop. I have attended many mind control / healing workshops, however none of them gave immediate tangible benefits as this one. There was a renewed confidence, increased energy levels and feeling of peacefulness amongst many others. I was in a better position to control my anger, irritation etc. I also have a tendency of self – talk, often negative in nature, or brooding over an incident, however trivial it may be talking negative about it in mind, and cursing people for it. I realised that in the last few days this tendency has been reduced to a large extent with chakra balancing workshop. I am able to catch myself when I am doing this negative self - talk, and able to stop and wipe out those negative images/ emotions. So this workshop has been absolutely transformative for me in many ways. Thank you once again Sir and Ma'am for setting me on a path of transformation.

Bella S Barve, (Professional & House wife)

Respected Sunil Sir and Jasmine Ma'am and the entire Rise team, I have been having some health issues for the past one year and the meditations and gratitude exercises have really helped me to some extent. However, being anaemic, I was under medications for the last couple weeks due to which I had some reactions on my skin which was unavoidable and irritable and I had been wanting to do sessions of Chakra healing which I missed by a day. Ever since, I have been doing the healing of the Chakras, 90%of the reactions on my skin have disappeared. Also, the energy levels have increased, feel rejuvenated and I'm hoping to get healed and cured 100% with these exercises and meditations without taking medicines again. I am so happy and grateful to Sir, Ma'am, and the entire Rise team Feel good and Grateful.

Rajnee Acharya.

My experience with Mr. Sunil Parekh’s Chakra Healing workshop was really good. In the last 7 days I found my energy level has gone up tremendously, there is a tremendous control on my food intake. And most importantly the clarity started coming in my mind. I really started feeling very light and my yoga practice started becoming very intense. Thanks so much to Mr. Sunil Parekh and Mrs. Jasmine Parekh.

Suresh Kamath, (Professional)

Sunil Sir and his way of teaching the entire subject has been like a magic and gets ingrained and keeps growing. His passion for improving the quality of life and reaching out to everyone is incomparable. I feel blessed to have been a part of his sessions. Most importantly, these teachings are not there in any sphere of our educational journey, leave alone, even having such an impact. The last seven days have been truly full of bliss, which I have not experienced for a long time. It has calmed me, charged me, and have given me a new dimension of peace in me. I feel fully energized, and very active throughout the day. I get lots of fresh ideas which I have been longing for. The entire process and practice of seven chakras with meditation has been very useful influence in the mind and the body. I desire to thank Sunil sir and Jasmine ma’am for the profound sessions. Also a great thanks to the entire Rise team for smooth coordination.

-Saketk ( Professional )

Having been a part of the Chakra healing session for 7days, it was a wonderful feeling and experience. Since I had seen a lot of videos pertaining to Chakra healing and also read about it, was easy to follow the instructions. The cascading effect of EFT and Chakra Healing is something which one should experience without fail. My temper reduced, am less stressful, more hours of work without getting stressed and tired. These are only few of the benefits I have experienced till now, and am sure that there are many more to come. Thanks a lot Sunil Sir and Jasmine Ma'am for your guidance and efforts in making my life better. Regards

Anand Murthy (Banglore)

Sir, Ma’am and entire Rise team, With this Chakra Healing Workshop I have learnt that I have the ultimate power to change my thoughts, feelings and actions. It was a mind blowing and transformational workshop. I have now become a really changed person, I feel so enlightened and fully in control of the situation. I have now all the tools to upgrade myself and my surroundings. This workshop was so well organised, covered in a lucid language and with all necessary tools, even a layman can change his or her life easily. It was really a life changing experience. My heartfelt Gratitude to each one of you

Darshana Bhatt (Professional)

Dear Sunilji and Jasmine madam, It was a wonderful experience recapitulating and relearning the neurobic science again after 8 years, and the course was excellently delivered. As I practice again now, the experience is at a higher level Thank you and hearty Congratulations to both of you to have kept the flame alive

Vinay Bhat (Professional)

Sunil Sir and Jasmine Mam, I am so happy and grateful to you both for conducting Chakra healing workshop. Since attending this workshop, I feel so calm, peaceful and my energy levels has increased immensely, able to sleep nicely without any break. I am feeling much more confident, and my decision power has also increased. I express sincere gratitude to Sunil Sir and Mam for their contributions towards the society through various programs like MPU, MMU, Chakra healing etc..... I am so fortunate and blessed to have attended these programs which made me positive, and a different person altogether. Thank you

Anita Kumar (Professional & House Wife)

Hi Rise Team, Sunil Sir and Jasmine Ma’am, Thank you for the sessions on Chakra Healing. Last one week was like a rejuvenation trip to the mind, body and soul. Sitting in the comforts of our homes, you made us feel the Divinity & connectivity with the Supreme Force. The program was easy to understand and practise. The concepts were explained very well. I had a wonderful experience throughout. I would like to attend more of such sessions in future. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us and allowing us to rebuild our lives. My Gratitude to Sunil Sir, Jasmine Mam & entire Rise Team. Warm Regards,

Dr. Rajani

Good afternoon Sunil Sir and Jasmine Madam, First of all I want to thank you both for conducting these sessions on psychoneurobics. Initially I was curious about approach of these chakra centers to healing and its theory and was a bit doubtful about its impact on health systems. After the session, my meditation and my focus and awareness of light has really expanded and I could feel its presence in ordinary moments. I had a stiff neck problem and joint ache due to recent viral fever. I could sense that these exercises have enabled me to get at least 60% better, during last week. I am really thankful to you Sunil Sir and Jasmine Madam for conducting the sessions and giving information so generously. I wish Rise team success to make knowledge available to more and more people to empower them to heal through their own innate power. God bless you.

Sunil Bahirat - Transformation Coach, Trainer and CEO, Ashtang Skill Center, Ayurved Shikshan Mandal, Pune

Dear Sunil sir & Jasmine ma’am, I would like to share my small experience & feedback for Chakra healing workshop. As a fresher to the subject, it is my experience throughout the entire seven-day session that it was a very informative. Few key points which I really loved about the session are as below: All mudras were showed & explained in a detailed manner. •Meditation recording used in each session were with a very soothing voice & effective, as after each meditation I experienced some movements at each Chakra location. I felt very calm & relaxed after each meditation. It is a very important subject & everyone should know about this. I am surely going to refer my family members & friends to this workshop. Sunil sir, please accept my deep gratitude for suggesting me to attend this session. I also must make a mention that you & ma’am do everything from your heart & so it reaches to our heart.

Kirti Gawde- Life Transformation Coach & Professional