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In just one and a half weeks after attending the Millionaire Mind Workshop, my group opened up two new markets - one in Dubai and second in Kuwait. We did approx. 1.3 crores worth of business over a 45 day period. Mind Power really works! Having a positive mental attitude is so important in our business and this workshop makes us develop this Millionaire Mindset.

Vinod Yadav, Businessman, e-Commerce

I came home to meet my parents after the workshop for the first time. My mother who is very critical of me and we 'had' a difficult relationship - praised me and asked me how am I reflecting a changed energy and was very impressed. I told her about MMU, Goals & Visions and MPU. She said she also wants to do this workshop. This comes from a person who has never even thought of working on herself. So it's a very very big deal. I have only @Sunil Parekh Sir and Rise Academy team to thank for this and @?Shweta? to introduce me to this. I wanted share this joy with everyone

Niiya- Singer & Actor.

How my journey started with Rise In 2012 I got a broucher outside a small hall in Borivili where Sir was conducting some session. Today also I have that broucher. Next session was free in Dadar West. So I Attended, seems that was beginning of Rise. That time fees was not much, but it was big amount for me as a struggler. But before leaving the hall I decided one day I will do this course and since then it was my one goal. In 2017 July was the day I joined MMU in Club Andheri. From 2017 till date achieved many milestones effortlessly which were once impossible or cannot think about it. I must have used less than 10% what is taught in class. I have repeated MMU, MPU, Chakra healing, EFT. Repeatation is must. Coz 1st time we understand very little and still in confused state. Second time actually we learn still not 100%. Some of the remarkable achievements a) Elder daughters BE in choice of college Entire family was against science, all are from commerce back ground. b) Younger daughters MBBS admission, it was almost give up case. c) Repayment of Housing Loan (some part) d) with all this commitments some good family vacation. e) I am into Insurance Profession, Million Dollar Round Table USA highest global recognisarion. Every year since 2018. f) Did my Fellowship in Insurance (2018-21) g) savings 3X h) Sent many people for mmu n mpu. i) this time it is my 3rd vision board. 1 & 2 accomplished This time Dr Ashwini More attended session and she is in this group. She is another example, 1st time I approached her for insurance in 2012, she was stranger to me. That day I decided one day her family will be my client. In 2019 I insured them with sizable amount. Thank you Sir with deep gratitude.

Sudhakar Sanjan (Insurance Advisor)