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I write this to express my deep appreciation for the wonderful content and delivery of the entire workshop. There was much more in it than I expected and it has left an indelible impact in my mind. I was always looking for an impetus to propel me into the last lap, leading up to the finishing stretch of my life. I BELIEVED there was something left in me to aspire for one last surge in life that would enable me to finish strong BUT I didn't know how and when that would come. Now I know. It came in the form of a messiah called SUNIL PAREKH. I sincerely hope that I am able to sustain the wonderful 'RISE' that I feel TODAY in my enthusiasm and I hope that I am able to implement if not all, then at least most of what you have shared with us. I also hope that you will help me further, to excel, reach my full potential and leave behind a mark. You are doing a wonderful job, I just wish that you can reach out to more people specially youngsters who can inculcate the great values you have to offer that will help them lead a more qualitative life. Towards that end, I will definitely endeavour.

Shariar Karim, ex-Air India