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Ever since my brother and I attended the Mind Power Workshop, our life has changed completely. Now our life has become so exciting and amazing to live in. We both are enjoying each part of it completely. Thanks a lot to Sunil sir for learnings given by you in the workshop.

Sarvesha Sodha, Engineering Student, Mumbai

My name is Dhanishka mane and I study in the 9th grade at JBCN International School, Parel. I attended your 2 day workshop in June. Here's a little story of mine. I was always shy and nervous about speaking in public to a point where I would get scared to even make an order at a restaurant. I give singing exams and have a few live shows once or twice a year. I also give Trinity college exams for speech and drama and these always gave me major anxiety. I attended the course with no idea what it was going to be about, since my parents signed me up for it. I knew the basics about affirmations and the subconscious mind since my friend and I have been discussing these topics since the past year. I took notes on both days and then started working on myself with the tips that Ms. Delnaaz gave me. I couldn't see any change overnight and wondered whether I even had the ability to improve. I started reading the mails that you sent me as well as watched a few of your facebook livestreams and even though I don't remember every point I definitely absorbed those tips. The change came to me yesterday. I am contesting to become Vice- Captain for my house and have been preparing my speech for the past two years. I even mentioned that as my goal in my vision board and goal book. But I never knew that I would actually make it in front of a hundred people. All the worst scenarios came to my head as I started thinking about forgetting my speech or something terrible happening to me and becoming a laughing stock. The night before my speech, I knew that my genie was alive so I started to say positive affirmations such as "You are strong. You are confident. You can do this!" I did that again yesterday morning the moment I woke up. I gave myself a small pep talk in the mirror and left for school not knowing what to expect. When I entered the classroom, I noticed that I was one of the few people who weren't nervous to give their speech. When it was almost my time, a few of the others were having major anxiety and I was shocked since I didn't show any of the symptoms that I used to in the past such as- Shaky voice and knees, my heart rate increasing and Me totally zoning out of my surroundings. I kept saying positive affirmations in my mind and even used the tapping method. When it was my turn, I said the speech like I was supposed to and didn't even think anything negative. It was truly a happy moment for me. And whether I win or not, I know that I'm proud of myself for this huge improvement that I have made but it wouldn't have happened without Ms Delnaaz or you. Also, last month I had my tennis tournament and dance exam and was surprised when I didn't crack under the pressure. The first few people that came to my mind when I was wondering about my confidence were you'll. If I wouldn't have done this course, I don't know what would have happened to me. Thank you so much for the improvement Sunil sir and I will forever be grateful for the way you changed my life. Thank you for your support and inspiration,

Dhanishka Mane (Student)

Happy to announce that my son scored 94.88% in his Grade 10, ICSE board. My deepest gratitude to Rise, Sunil Sir and Jasmine mam for creating Super Student Unlimited! The tools play a very important role in manifesting the goals set! It’s not only his achievement but mine too as a coach. All my students also have come out with flying colours ????????????

Reena Karia( Professional & Life Transformation Coach)