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"My association with Rise Development Academy, Mr. Sunil Parekh- Managing Director & CEO, started in June 2012 as a participant in with the workshop held at Suba International, Andheri. Over a period of 2 months I have grown by leaps and bounds and today I have so many beautiful positive thoughts that are shaping and fine tuning my mind. It has been a very unique experience to bring about a change in perception of my own thoughts in understanding that having control over subconscious mind and making ourselves understand the power of our Mind is the key towards successful future. Rise Academy is probably one of the best Academy across the world which brings about a change in one’s life by focusing on “Mind Power”. The workshop also teaches us the Self healing process.The constant support by Mr. Sunil Parekh ensures that each individual participant creates and delivers to the best of his/her potential in their own life. Mr. Parekh and team ensures that we get support in all aspects such as training, follow up sessions to enable us to take action and deliver efficiently. I have a tremendous sense of satisfaction after participating in the Workshop conducted by Mr. Sunil Parekh which has also reflected in my life in many ways.I am very grateful to Mr. Sunil Parekh in helping me to transform my life." “Trust me, you'll not get anything better than this, you can create miracles in your own life and others as well”.

Smruti Nayak, Lawyer, Mumbai

Dear Sunil Sir - I am so pleased to inform you that after attending the Mind Power Workshop, I started attracting opportunities which I could never think of. I always had a dream of doing some projects in Africa and this dream got fulfilled. Suddenly, some of my father's friends who live in Tanzania contacted us and said that they would like us to take up a massive Software development project for the Govt. of Tanzania. I never understood Software but once this opportunity came up, things started falling into place. I visited Tanzania thrice and now the deal is well on its way to execution. Thank you so much for opening up my mind to such wonderful opportunities. The workshop has also benefited personally as I now share wonderful relationships with everyone around me. Thank you once again.

Priyank Marda, Business Man

Simple but life-changing. It's been 21 days since we started Chakra Healing Workshop and I have continued to practice it every single day by waking up at 5 am. The results are outstanding. I'm fully aware and 'feeling good' whole day, and if any discomfort occurs, I get to know what and which chakra needs to be practiced and healed. Waking up and meditating is the new Keystone habit for me and it inspires me to do many positive routines like reading 30 mins in a day, physical exercise and writing Gratitude journal and more. It's a whole new beginning for something great. I certainly believe Chakra Healing Awareness makes the journey even more colourful. Blessed to be crossing the life path with Parekh Sir & Jasmine Ma'am. Thank you for everything and changing many lives!

Sandeep Kotain (Businessman)

Sir, its been 30 months since I attended my first mind power workshop in Aug 2013. After the workshop, I started my own business in July 2014 and completed 20 months till date successfully. I also won 3 state level chess championships consecutively and also got international chess rating. My younger brother who has also attended the workshop also won national level silver and bronze medal in karate Championship in Feb 2016. I don't belong to a business family yet I started my own business only because of my strength realized at your mind power workshop. It gave me immense power to believe my strength. Always grateful to you..

Rajan Kotian, Businessman, Chess Champion

Hello Sunil Sir, Shraddha here, Rise Student. I would like to share my Success Stories, so here I go…. I had set some goals in 1st MPU i.e. in Oct 19. I achieved 3 of them, and they are follows: I was weighing 84kg that time and decided to achieve an ideal weight of 55kg i.e. I wanted to lose 29 kgs. As on today I weigh 68kg i.e. i lost 16 kgs. 2. I learned to drive a Car in lockdown, and was able to drive from Malad to BKC. All fear gone. 3. I work in a Bank and wanted to clear 1 exam which i was not able to, since 2017. There were 3 (three) subjects that I was unable to clear. But, after attending Chakra Healing workshop and after working on the Third Eye Chakra, i could really feel that my grasping power, and my memory have improved a lot. Today I passed the exam and cleared all the 3 (three) subjects. The result of which I am going to get a raise in my salary from next month. I am really grateful to You and Ma’am, Gurus like you are really hard to find these days. Thank You. Thank you. Thank you.

Shraddha, Professional Banker

Sunil ji At the outset, from the bottom of my heart, I express my sincere Gratitude for the 2 days Mind Power Unlimited Workshop, besides the way you have carried the session is unstoppable. You truly have an unlimited potential to connect with people, and to share how to apply the tools and techniques related to Mind power. The complex applications are taught with simplicity yet practical to implement towards a real transformation. Thank you Thank you Thank you

Rajkumar G (Bangalore)

Good Afternoon Sunil Sir, and Jasmine Ma'am, I really found the 2-day intensive Mind Power course very useful and hope that I will apply the tools and techniques learnt in the course to unleash the power of my mind. Sunil Sir, your own journey is so very deeply inspiring and your remarkable ease of delivery of the course, is so inspiring, that there no signs of any exhaustion even while speaking throughout the day. Kindly accept my heartfelt gratitude for the amazing course, and I am sure that with your determination and mind power, you will transform over one billion lives very soon. Thanks again

Kalpana Singh

Dear Sunil sir, At the outset, your energy, commitment and positive vibrations are motivating and shows what 'Mind power' is all about. What really amazed me was that there was not an iota of irritation in your voice even if a question was asked repeatedly/ out of context. You truly epitomize Mind Power. After MPU, I looked back and vividly experienced that each event in my life, especially all that I had visualized and affirmed in my thoughts, or whatever I had been unconsciously asking for (good /bad/ right/wrong) was being granted by the Divine. Hence a subtle realization dawned that from now on if I consciously ask for the right things, life undoubtedly will grant me. I am also working on a Vision, Goals and their respective Action Plans for all aspects of life. As you aptly put it that take the first step and the GPS will guide u through. My sincere Gratitude to you and your Team, here wishing Rise Academy be blessed to touch the 100 billion lives and much more


Just wanted to share my experience. Did MPU in Aug 2020. From my list of my goals, one was to buy a car. While discussing, planning, talking about finance etc this year... something totally unexpected happened. The Genie GIFTED me car. I just happened. It took me 2/ 3 days to realize that my GOAL is achieved. Just wanted to share with you all the magic of visualization, detachment and gratitude practiced daily along with this support group and sharing and constant reinforcements of the values taught by Sunil Sir and daily post by Jasmine Ma'am in MPU group (and on and on) really helps. Sincere thanks to one and all at RDA.

Rama Mylapore

Just wanted to share one of the results of the wonderful workshop - MPU. I wanted to top my batch in engineering and wanted my name on the board of toppers. and it manifested! Thank you so much Sunil sir for all the learnings that you provide us with. Extremely grateful. Thank you!

Shreeya Maheshwari ( Engineer Student)

Khelo India Master's State Level Athletics Competition held on 30/10/2021 and 31/10/2021 at pimpri , Pune I (Sunil Mhamunkar ) P E Teacher At Carmel Convent High School Nandakhal Won the Following Medals in 40 +Age category Javelin Throw GOLD MEDAL High Jump SILVER MEDAL Discus Throw GOLD MEDAL .

Sunil Mhamunkar (P E Teacher)

Dear Sunil sir, Wanted to share my achievement *Along With "Dadasaheb Phalke Award" In India my movie "Pledge To Protect " *Also won an International Film festival award recently " The Golden Wheat Awards" in TURKEY .. * It was also a finalist at the International "Red Movie Awards" in FRANCE & was selected to be played at the International "Gladiator Film Festival" in Istanbul - TURKEY. Thank you Sunil sir, Jasmine mam and Rise Team. Agar mere life ke itne saare problems me bhi me apni silver lining dhuund paa rahi hu toh wo aap jaise mentors aur aap ke teachings ke waje se. Nahi to me itni strong kabhi nahi ho pati ke life me itne personal tragedies aur bina koi back up ke ,me itna bhi achieve kar pati ????

Shalini Menon (Professional)

In the last session of MPU, Sunil Sir told about DMIT. I talked regarding this with my younger son, Vedant. He is doing 3rd yr in Mech Engineering. Accordingly, we (me also??) did test and took an appointment on 19/11/2021. He was a bit confused regarding his higher studies- should I do MS...if yes then in which field. Should I stay India or abroad for MS? Will I get the job in my liking field. Lots of doubts were there in his mind before entering into Sunil Sir's office . A BIG QUESTION MARK ON HIS FACE. Firstly, Sunil Sir warmly welcomed us and also asked us about our lunch as we started our journey from Pune in the morning at 7.30 and reached at 1.30pm due to traffic jam. Firstly, Sir explained him in detail what is DMIT and how it works. Explained about all quotients.All our weaknesses and strengths. Also narrowed down his career path, explained him which path is beneficial for him and also to do it abroad. ( Also told him that he hardly suggests to go abroad??) Take the help of career counsellor in this particular field which is his STRENGTH. Also told him what type of friends- surrounding should he keep with the help of patterns of his finger prints. Vedant became satisfied with FULL PROOF SOLUTION AND CLEAR VISION REGARDING HIS FUTURE CAREER. And I am proud to say that after coming from Mumbai, he became very active and taken an appointment with career counselor and now he feels confident regarding his future. Vedant MARKED ? on his every question mark/doubts with full of satisfaction. Vedant does bird photography as a hobby but reluctant to do function photography or even he never clicks our potrait photos. But Sunil sir suggested him to go at functions for photography and fun, so that he can understand people and many more things... On that day he clicked Sunil Sir's photos. I am sharing some of the photos he clicked in the office at PROFIT CENTRE. Really we GAINED PROFIT in the form of Vedant's CAREER PATH WITH FULL PROOF SOLUTION IN OUR HANDS. Thanks to office staff, also special Thanks to Shahista, who has given her extended cooperation to us. ( Right from fingure scanning to return journey to Pune by whole heartedly asking - have you reached the home.) Thank You Sunil Sir for amazing guidance and providing clarity in life.

Jitendra Deokule (Professional)