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Over the past 18 years, Mr. Sunil Parekh (founder of Rise Acamdey) has been studying the human mind and its potential. He has learned tools and techniques from esteemed national and international gurus. He applied these learnings in his life and was able to achieve high levels of success and happiness. About 6 years back, he took a life-churning decision of quitting his high profile career and started “transformational” work to make a difference to people’s lives with what he had learned through these years. With the almighty’s grace, he along with his team have have touched over 50,000 lives through transformative workshops and seminars and this has made a tremendous impact on people’s life.

But there’s more to this. Mr. Sunil has a beautiful vision to touch a billion lives (100 crore) lives by December 2032, and help them live happier, healthier and more successful lives. To take this forward, we are hunting for unanimous people who are willing to do similar work and want make a huge difference to humanity at scale.

To fulfil the above vision, we have designed TRAIN THE TRAINER (TTT) program – an 11-day life-turning training where Mr. Sunil will himself take the lead and share with you all what he has learned from the world leaders, and empower you to conduct these “transformational” programs on your own.

The training happens at select destinations where you would be spending 11-days of life, training with Mr. Sunil and also find a kindred spirit among the other participants.

If this excites you and tells you that YOU can make a difference, then Enroll NOW!


Are you keen on making a difference to the lives of thousands by empowering them with tools and techniques to live happier, healthier and more successful lives? Are you ready to “transform” the world around you? Are you looking to for something which brings you a deep sense of fulfilment and joy? Are you passionate about taking your life to the next level in terms of success and abundance while helping others achieve their dreams and visions? Do you want to make your “vocation” a “vacation”? Are you willing to live your life fully by exploring and using your highest potential and also do the same for others?

If your answer to each of the above questions is yes, then you have already have the potential to get started.

Also, this program is perfect for teaching, training, speaking or coaching in any field. If you lead, teach or manage people in any capacity, introducing personal-development training to your work will help them become successful in their jobs, in their careers, and at home.

  • If you are a TEACHER, TRAINER, COACH or HEALER, already making a difference to lives - our TTT program will take your work to a greater heights.
  • If you are a BUSINESS OWNER, ORGANIZATIONAL LEADER, TEAM LEADER OR MANAGER who is working with people day in, day out. By introducing personal-development training to your employees/team, you will see improved productivity, peak performance and a brand new “can-do” attitude in every area of your business. Challenges like absenteeism, low productivity, quality control issues, failure to meet stated objectives or even issues related to mergers or lay-offs will reduce instantly. Your workplace environment will become a pleasant place where every employee comes to work with heart and soul.
    Not only that, but the monetary pay-off can be immense. According to Zero Million—a leading research outlet for entrepreneurs—allowing for personal growth in the workplace leads to high quality job performance.
    Think about it. If your employees (or your clients teams) could produce just 20% more than they do now, what would that mean to your top-line growth? Engaged employees have more confidence, take ownership of their activities, make fewer mistakes, do more with less efforts… ultimately increasing bottom line results!
  • If you are an INDIVIDUAL who has a natural desire to help people and touch their lives. If you feel good and fulfilled when you help others, you are a natural “transformation” leader. If your “inner calling” says this is the work you should be doing, then this program is for you.
    If you are an INDIVIDUAL who is passionate about Human Potential work and would like to explore your highest potential to achieve your Personal Vision and Goals, this program is for you as it will equip you with all the qualities to excel in your life and live a beautiful life

Eligibility for attending this program:

  • You are very passionate about making a difference not only to your life but also to the life of others
  • Go through a personal interview with Mr. Sunil Parekh.

So if you think that you fit into any of the above, think no more, and register yourself for this life-turning experience.

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See what our current Trainers have to say

Hello Sir, I am Rajani Nair. I attended the workshop on 30 May 2015. I had chronic problem of acid reflux, bloating and heartburn for one year. After attending the workshop all these problems have completely cured my problems. I can't believe it myself. Wow! Thank you Sunil Sir and Jasmine Ma'am for coming into our lives like angels and guiding us and teaching us the value of positivity. God bless.

Rajani Nair, Educator

Sir thank you so much...the Mind Power Workshop has worked miracles for me...In the last week my business and work grew so massively...It was so amazing...Just about learning how to manage all the work and enjoying every bit of it...Thank you for this amazing workshop.

Joanne Fernandis, Corporate Professional

Dear Sir, I am really very very very thankful to you for enlightening me with so much of knowledge and making me realize the immense power inside me. I am feeling high with positive thoughts and energy. I wish to thank you and ma'am whole heartedly and wishing you all the very best for your vision. I am sure you are going to change many more lives here. A happy soul :)

Gaurav Lagad, Student

My grandson, Labhesh secured merit certificate in Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Competition 2015-16. You may be remembering that he had attended your Super Student Workshop and had set a goal of becoming a Scientist, which he is well on the way. With regards

Mr. B. A. Naik