Terms & Condition

  • Seminar Registrations
    • Booking Amount : Any amount paid towards booking your seat for a workshop will be non-refundable. However, we will carry forward the amount paid towards to the next workshop conducted by Rise Development Academy. The amount will remain valid for a period of 6 months, within which you can attend any of our workshops and the amount will be adjusted towards to the fees payable. The amount will however be automatically forfeited 6 months after the date of payment.
    • Discount Structure : As part of our promotions for the workshops, we will offer discounts from time to time, which are valid only for the specific show. We also offer group discounts which are valid when two or more people attend the workshop from a family. These discounts are valid only when the conditions are met, else the same will not be considered valid.
  • Workshop Fees
    • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee is offered to our workshop participants. If for some reason the participant feels that he/she has not received their money's worth, the Academy will refund the full amount paid by the participant. If the participant comes back within 90 days saying that he / she has not received any benefits from the workshop inspite of implementing all the learnings and also seeking help from our team of coaches, the Academy will refund the tuition fees which is total fees less the cost of the feed/venue and the GST taxes. This refund is to the discretion of the Academy based on its evaluation of the participant's progress over the three months.
    • Life Time Membership to the Academy : Any participant who has paid the full fees for any workshop automatically becomes a life time member of our academy, which entitles them to repeat the workshop (which they have attended) as many times as possible. When repeating the participant will have to pay to cost of the venue and food. The participant will also need to pay additional amount in case they need any workshop materials (learning journal, goal book or the entire participant kit). The participant is also required to carry their life time membership card when repeating the workshop, without which they may not be able to avail the discounted fee.