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About the Program program

Craft Your Own Your Financial Destiny, Become Financially Free

"When you need money, it is a powerful feeling within you, and so of course, through the law of attraction you will continue to attract needing money." - The Secret.

Our two-day transformative, Millionaire Mind Unlimited workshop is all about creating “I am a money magnet” mindset within yourself. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Highly educated, talented, hardworking, and sincere people have failed to earn enough in their life. Most of the times people try everything to make it big, but they forget the most important thing in the process of running behind money while some figure it out at the right time and make the most of it. So this workshop will unveil exactly that - the secrets of the rich and wealthy. We’ll go into the roots, recall the money blueprint that you’ve been carrying in your mind all this while, and re-design your financial blueprint in a manner which will leave you attracting money, for a lifetime. Proven techniques will help you realize your true purpose which will in turn, drive wealth, and lead you to financial freedom.

From being successful in your own ventures, within your workplace, to investing in stock market – the goal of the workshop is to leave you with a transformed mindset which lets you thrive in any state of economy!

Get set for mastering at the money game!

Who Should Attend Attend

Research says, “96% people in this world are struggling and just getting by because of lack of proper financial education”. If you think you’re among the 96%, then this workshop is for you.

Also, if you’re looking to take you’re business to the next level, you must attend this workshop. It does not matter how much education you have or at which position you in your company, you may be the CEO or a business owner, or even an Accountant or a Lawyer or a Financial Consultant, but until you understand the real secrets of money, you may find yourself struggling all your life for a Rich and Prosperous Life.

So if you want to happily live a successful and wealthy life with a mindset that all the riches across the globe have, then this workshop is calling you!

program Benefits Benefits

  • Find out what is your current Money Blueprint set for - success, mediocrity, or poverty

  • Change your current blueprint and recreate it for success that will come to you by default

  • Discover how the rich generate unique thoughts that bring continuous wealth

  • Learn how to drive money for you instead of you slogging to earn more and more

  • Realize ways to sustain in any state of economy

  • Identify your true “purpose” for wealth

  • Take home some most powerful money management principles

  • Create passive income streams which can give you utmost financial freedom

  • Start thinking, feeling and acting differently about money, wealth, and most importantly - “yourself”!

What people say about the Millionaire Mind Unlimited workshop

Sanjay Kothari
Nagaraj Iyer
Hemang Bhatt