There is no better time in History than today. The 21st Century brings in a plethora of opportunities. Such opportunities never existed before. However, with the opportunities come several challenges as well. Organizations are faced with challenges that they never faced earlier.

Some of the challenges are:

  • Significant competition at a global level
  • Increasing customer demands and service requirements
  • Immense pressures of rising costs (payroll, real estate, power, etc)
  • Customer’s demand of getting more for less
  • Constantly changing global environment (stock market and currently fluctuations economic factors, etc)
  • Impact of globalization – businesses getting impacted by changes in any part of the world
  • Keeping the workforce motivated and energized to manage attrition  
  • High level of stress faced by workforce on maintaining schedules, work pressures and also balancing work and life thereby affecting their ability to produce desired results
  • Necessity to constantly innovate in order to survive
  • The need for corporate leaders to take sound decisions and solve problems quickly

 and many more…

Historically, human beings have always survived and risen above all the challenges by using more and more of their inner potential. Our founder, Mr. Sunil Parekh strongly believes that the only way for corporate leaders to run large organizations successfully, is to harness the inner potential that all human beings have.

Unfortunately, this education is amiss in our educational system. The life and mind skills that are necessary to tap into our infinite potential is non-existent. It is looking at this necessity that we at RISE have developed this workshop “Unleash the Power Within”.

Program Highlights

This workshop is all about empowerment. It focuses on making the participants aware of the enormous potential that exists within every human being and how one can tap into this potential using a simple system that is used by all successful people, knowingly or unknowingly.

This workshop uncovers a scientific system for achieving any goal or solving any problem. The tools and techniques taught in this experiential workshop will enable its participants to “Unleash their Power Within” and become UNSTOPPABLE.

We teach techniques which allow participants to breakthrough any barriers or limiting beliefs or past experiences which holds one back from achieving their goals and vision. All participants go through a complete transformation which opens up endless possibilities for them, which they could not have imagined earlier.

This 2-day workshop will take the participants through an extraordinary transformational process that will bring about a positive change at a cellular level so that the results are permanent!

Program Benefits / Outcomes: 

What are the critical outcomes / benefits?

  • Understanding and realization of the Power within
  • The process of tapping into the vast inner potential for goal achievement
  • Learn how to overcome disempowering limiting beliefs / limitations of the past
  • Sound decision making and problem solving capabilities
  • Ability to deal with stressful situations
  • Enhanced right brain / creative thinking abilities
  • Better ideating / innovating capabilities  
  • Positive approach to Work and Life
  • Increased focus and concentration leading to higher
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Taking complete charge and responsibility of one's life and improve relationship
  • management skills, thereby be able to work effectively in teams  
  • Higher Emotional and Spiritual Quotient  
  • Increased confidence levels
  • Learn powerful mind techniques for negotiation / convincing abilities   
  • Improved customer service and customer relations

The Workshop will have several practical Breakthrough Exercises such as

  • Glass Walking
  • Fire Eating
  • Hand Magnetism
  • Body Stiffening
  • Lifting a Person with Two Fingers
  • Needle Piercing
  • Pendulum Dowsing (for decision making)...

 and much more to help the participants to breakthrough their limiting boundaries!

All of this translates into enhanced effectiveness, improved performance, and increased productivity on the part of the participants; thereby resulting in an increase in the Company’s bottom line and better work-life balance for associates.

Let RISE take you and your organization to the next level….


APL Logistics Ltd.

Bayer Business Systems Ltd. 

EMC Data Storage Pvt. Ltd.

Isilon Data Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Hitachi Data Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Life Insurance Corporation of India

NorthGate Arinso

Speciality Restaurants Limited

Optimal Media Solutions (Division of Times of India)

Prana Animation Studios Pvt. Ltd. 

V. B. Goel and Company

Sumiran Automation Pvt. Ltd.

MindSys India Pvt. Ltd.

Family Court, Bandra

Yukti Education Services Pvt. Ltd.

Absotherm Facility Management Pvt. Ltd.

Resource Money Power (RMP) Network Marketers

Sydenham Institute of Management

Vidyavardhini Vartak College of Engineering

Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Several schools and colleges


Unleash the Power Within is a unique transformational program that brings clarity, sharpness and focus to all who attend. It empowers individuals to break through major limiting beliefs and provides concrete tools and techniques to take individuals and organisations – to the next level of success...


...A revelation for enabling successful and effective living. The Workshop teaches simple techniques that business leaders can apply for achieving any goals by breaking through any disempowering beliefs they many have. Helped me immensely.

Mr. Sunil Brid, Business Leader: Large IT MNC

...Inspiring, motivational, and life-transforming.

Mrs. Deepali Lohot, Marriage Counsellor: Family Court Mumbai

...Helped me quit after 18 years of smoking and take my life to a new level altogether.

Mr. Pratik Jadhav, Computer Graphics Artist: Prana Studios

…Besides the personal transformation, I was able to get rid of my phobia of travelling by air, which has resulted in additional business opportunities for me.

Ms. Anjali Dalvi, CEO: Exponential Growth

…The workshop was a mind opener for me and my staff. Sunil teaches complex topics in a very simple and scientific manner. There seems to be a definite shift in attitude of my staff resulting in increased productivity and performance. Highly recommended for any organization!

Mr. Vipan Sawhney, COO, Mindsys India Limited