Sales Mastery

Sales Mastery

Course Information


You’ve attended many many training programs on how to sell, how to convince, how to

negotiate, how to strategize a sale, how to beat competition … but do you still find

yourself struggling to achieve your targets ….


It’s time to look at the sales process a little differently…


This 2-day workshop deals with the Sales Process in a completely different manner. It

works on your Inside rather than Outside. The real power is inside. The workshop covers

powerful techniques to help the participants achieve their targets, every single time,

irrespective of the challenges outside.


Who Should Attend


Every person who is Selling, directly or indirectly. Sales Teams, Organization leaders,

Managers and people interacting with others will immensely benefit from this workshop.


Key Outcomes


• Connect deeply with your prospects and clients. Establish instant rapport with them.


• Learn powerful convincing and negotiation skills.


• Use powerful Mind techniques to make your Sales calls more effective and productive.


• Learn techniques which can enable you to do less and achieve more. Increase your

overall productivity.


• Deal with Rejections and Upsets to keep your motivation level high


• Use the Power of your Subconscious Mind to attract more Clients


• Learn how to break through Internal Barriers and Limiting Beliefs that hold you back

from Success.